This website helped me a lot back during the day when my wife was still pregnant with our firstborn. This served as my guide in understanding better her moods and her cravings. The people here are very supportive. In fact, they are able to help us with the problems we are facing on a regular basis during the pregnancy of my wife. It is from this website where we learned what to do when my wife cannot sleep at night and the exercises she can do to stay physically fit while pregnant. There are specialists that frequent this website and to be honest, they really helped us a lot so we are really very thankful.


I became obsessive-compulsive during my pregnancy. I think this is understandable especially since it is my first time but I never stopped until I was able to give birth. My baby was premature which really saddened me a lot. Good thing I have people here who helped me overcome all the stress I was feeling after I have given birth. I felt really depressed but with their help, I was able to pick up my life and start over again. I was able to forgive myself. I know it is not my fault but I still blamed myself. The good thing now, I stopped already and the life of my family became a lot better. Truly, this website was the key which allowed me to move forward.


This is a really great website. They will teach you a lot of things about pregnancy and cravings. There are times when I feel really amused while going through this website because, to be honest, the pregnant women who come here as so funny sometimes. I loved one topic here where they discussed superstitious beliefs in many different places. Since I haven’t encountered it yet before, it posed as a really interesting topic for me.