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Can we suggest what topics to be discussed?

You are free to give your opinions with regards to the topics of the articles we are going to upload here. After all, this website is made basically to provide information to the general public. We want to give you answers with regards to the questions you have about pregnancy and cravings. Just email us at the contact details provided at our Contact Us page to inform us about the topic you prefer.

Do you have printed materials or a hard copy for everything you post here in this website?

So far all of our materials can only be found here online. We are not yet sure if we are going to publish in print especially since we are promoting the Green Living. Rest assured that when we do, you are first to know. Just stay tuned without online bulletin so that you will not miss out on the updates that we offer. Also, you can download all the content of our website for future reading straight to you e-readers, smartphones, and tablets.

Do we need an account before we can access your website?

An account is not anymore necessary unless you are planning to download the content of our website to your smart phone and other digital device. You can access everything here as long as you have the internet and the device to do so.